AS3 Content Aware Resizing or Image Seam Carving

9 Responses to “AS3 Content Aware Resizing or Image Seam Carving”

  1. picutel Says:

    How about this as a plugin in Photoshop? We’ve done that for you.🙂

    Release notes and all the details at:

  2. Memoria de Acceso Aleatorio » links for 2007-09-14 Says:

    […] AS3 Content Aware Resizing or Image Seam Carving « [ draw.logic ] Implementación del image carving para redimensionado inteligente de imágenes en ActionScript 3. (tags: seam carving digital signal image processing actionscript programming) […]

  3. Irmgard Says:

    If you are looking for a software to try out seam carving, take a look at

    The program that you can download there (for Windows and Linux, and free) is already highly optimized concerning speed, and apart from enlarging or decreasing image size you can also use masks to protect or delete certain parts of your image.

    Have fun,

  4. Hermano Cabral Says:

    There is also a gimp plug-in which is pretty good. I’ve done some tests with it and posted on my blog. Pretty cool.

  5. drawk Says:

    Nice one Hermano, thanks for the heads up looks pretty sweet.

  6. Will Says:

    Check out for a Flash-based implementation of seam carving that lets you resize images, both in height and width simultaneously, in real time. (You can rescale and crop images too!) for example images

  7. Hi vivek Says:

    The download object override the image clipping very annoying .

  8. kinjal Says:

    I browsed through the site but couldn’t get the downloadable version of the sofware.could anyone please help!!

  9. Thomas Says:

    Thats strange, when I try to resize a girl using your algo, only boobs appear! That means all information of the image is contented on it????

    (It was a french joke ;-)) Great job!

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