Image Manipulation Using ‘Seam Carving’ From SIGGRAPH 2007

Watch this interesting “seam carving” technology to resize images, image item removal, and manipulating images that go well beyond crop, resizing and retargeting.

Be sure to watch the end where you can edit the images and remove objects from the photography or image.


6 Responses to “Image Manipulation Using ‘Seam Carving’ From SIGGRAPH 2007”

  1. jeremy Says:

    amazing. Finally an easier way to remove all those unwanted people from my photographs!

  2. felisan Says:

    this is amazing.

    more of this, please :O)


  3. mondo Says:

    wow… i need new pants now 🙂

  4. AS3 Content Aware Resizing or Image Seam Carving « [ draw.logic ] Says:

    […] Mouse Events and Mouse Related User ActionsUploading Multiple Selectable Files with Flash9 and AS3Image Manipulation Using ‘Seam Carving’ From SIGGRAPH 2007Tweener AS3 extension for color properties “_brightness”, “_contrast” and […]

  5. Irmgard Says:

    If you are looking for a software to try out seam carving, take a look at

    The program that you can download there (for Windows and Linux, and free) is already highly optimized concerning speed, and apart from enlarging or decreasing image size you can also use masks to protect or delete certain parts of your image.

    Have fun,

  6. Will Says:

    Check out for a Flash-based implementation of seam carving that lets you resize images, both in height and width simultaneously, in real time. (You can rescale and crop images too!)

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