Hi I am Ryan Christensen and I work at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and Handcranked Games during the day in Mesa, Arizona. And at night i work in the batcave in Chandler, Arizona at *drawcode which is a company that is dedicated to creating technology based solutions and entertainment for marketing, content management and interactive efforts.


You can contact me at ryan –at– drawcode –dot– com.

We do everything from multi-player online games and game engines, to financial systems and product catalogs, to content management and all sorts of web enabled ideas.

drawk is the legal holder company for drawcode, baseplane, bredengine, and a few others arriving shortly to help compartmentalize marketing efforts and different verticals in technology.

I am also a formally a key team member in the research and development of the technology that built first iterations of Prizelogic and Sampletize at eMarketing/bridgeware. Where I also worked on clients such as Kraftfoods (and their numerous brands such as Oreo, Jello, Comidakraft (spanish/english site), ACCO Brands (and their numerous brands Swingline, Wilson Jones, GBC and others), Georgia-Pacific and many other large companies.

I have been developing web applications, media, games and interactives on the web for 12 years. I also develop media tools, creative content, easy enterprise software, financial systems, content management, product management, certified software components, toolkits, games and many other fields related to media, programming and architecture that is web-centric.

This blog is a tracking tool to help document current vector technology, programming, 3d, interface, media programming and design that we come across and impact our capabilities in the vector wars and online gaming market. Basically a Flash, Flex and Silverlight tracking blog for the most part.

13 Responses to “About”

  1. Phil Maxey Says:

    Great blog! :). I posted a link on my website to one of your posts. I think if you posted a link to the http://www.flashculture.com that would beneficial to both of us, as that will drive more people to my site and I will keep on posting interesting posts from your site, which will drive more people to yours and so on and so on.


  2. drawk Says:

    Hey Phil,

    Added you to the blogroll. You have some nice interviews on your site.

  3. cigara Says:

    I’m the owner of a new design blog http://designimages.blogsome.com/ .
    Now I’m seeking for new friends and partners.
    I want to propose you to exchange links
    with your blog https://drawk.wordpress.com for visitors interchange.
    I’m sure our cooperation will be useful for our visitors.
    Please, review my suggestion and give me the answer.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards, Arts of design

  4. Phil Maxey Says:

    Thats dude.

    I recently put up interviews with Mudbubbles Chris Georgenes and PaperVision3d’s Ralph Hauwert.

  5. Eduardo Says:

    Hi interesting blog you have! The design is neat too! I’m starting a new blog here http://thelaborat.org and I’d like new partners abou Flash Development and web technologies in general! I’m also a game developer and I have too some knowledge in Computer Graphics with C/C++ and OpengGL! My blog will aim these topics wich I think it’s your interest too! Anyway thanxs for now!!

  6. drawk Says:

    Hey Eduardo,

    I have been to your blog a few times, good stuff. My only tip would be to add MouseLeave events to all your flash movies so they only run or tick as the user is over it. Nice stuff there.

  7. AS3 Bulk Loader Library by Arthur Debert at .swfgeek Says:

    […] you concentrate on other parts of your project. The project is released under the MIT Licence Ryan Christensen posted an example of how to use it at his blog […]

  8. Juan Sanchez Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I came across your blog looking for potential uses for Degrafa, a declarative graphics framework for Flex. I invite you to check it out at http://www.degrafa.com. Great blog!

  9. drawk Says:

    Thanks Juan I had not seen that before Degrafa looks really useful. I will give it a spin and report in if it is gold. So far it looks great!

  10. Scott Says:

    Great blog, one of my key sources for current AS related news. However I have one major gripe; ALIASED FONTS! They make reading terribly painful and frustrating.

  11. Pierluigi Says:

    Hi Drawk, great blog! I recently started my blog about as3 experiments and looking for some link exchange. I just added drawlogic to my blogroll. Hope you will find my stuff interesting and do the same 🙂

  12. Giornale Says:

    Hello…your site is interesting and I added in my blogroll!

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