Flash Player 10 Officially Released

Mike Chambers posted that Flash Player 10 is officially live. This completes your 1-2 punch of RIA/game platform releases of Silverlight and Flash this week.

We have just released the shipping version of Flash Player 10 (Mac, Windows and Linux). You can find more information on all of the new features on the Flash Player product page.

You can download the player for Mac, Windows and Linux players from here.

You can grab debug and standalone players from here.

You can grab the release notes from here.

Flash Player 10 is great news. There are so many things in it from a new data structure (Vector), to local FileReference, to Matrix and 3D helpers, to speed improvements and video enhancements being able to play other video types and more (this was actually in a late version of flash player 9 as well but will be used more here). It does take time for flash versions to get out in the wild, about 9 months to where they are in the 90%-95% range where you can convince people to use it in production, but getting those skills now is good.  The scripting platform is still Actionscript 3 so anyone still making Flash Player 8 and AS2 stuff is now two revolutions behind.

Another thing I am looking forward to soon (next week) that is missing from both Flash and Silverlight, is the ability to develop for the iPhone, which Unity3D is dropping the iPhone kit on Oct 22nd. Unity3D has effectively taken Director’s 3d game development (hardware accelerated) market lead away this year and late last year and is a great platform. Director who?

Lots of great tools and platforms to create the innovative new applications, games and markets that are so needed right now. Go create!

8 Responses to “Flash Player 10 Officially Released”

  1. Developer Says:

    Flash? OR Flash Player?

    I think they are different products. 🙂

  2. drawk Says:

    Yes Flash Player 10 implied, will update title for clarification.

  3. sascha/hdrs Says:

    Unity3D looks hot but it sucks that the tool is for Mac only! So it’s not quite a Director replacer.

  4. drawk Says:

    Hey sascha,

    Yeh it does suck that it is Mac only but it sure is fun.

  5. Campbell Says:

    I have been waiting for Unity’s Iphone version for a while now… cant wait!!

  6. Eugene Says:

    Nice article. Thanks. 🙂 Eugene

  7. Mocha Fudge Says:

    the old version seems having a problem in my firefox browser that’s why i’m glad to swith on the new Flash Player 10..

  8. elsierichmond71313 Says:

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