AS3 Creative Papervision 3D Flash Games

Recently on the papervision lists there have been some really creative uses of pv3d in games. I will highlight two here:

The Bowling Buddies game is made by the very creative company (more on the release at their blog). They have some great facebook/social network games combined with flash. With bowling buddies they created a game similar to Wii bowling (even with customize characters) and the best part is how they have scaled down versions. You can play in 2D, 3D and at different levels of quality to make it accessible to everyone. I think that will probably be needed with 3d flash games (Shockwave Director has LOD (Level of Detail) that helps with scaling down to slower machines but you have to do that yourself with the state of 3d engines in flash so far).

Bowling buddies and most playfish games are Facebook/Social Network based. You might say, why? (especially if you aren’t in the US where facebook is the biggest social network). But even Activision’s CEO calls facebook a threat to online gaming as we know it, this is because of the community aspect and the ability to play with friends and multiplayer games easily. Rather than setting up your own player find mechanism, facebook has it built in and all the viral aspects you need to garner more fans. So those into facebook and gaming are possibly ahead, but also it will be extremely competitive.

[ try bowling buddies ]

Airship is a really creative game that has been impressive to watch grow over the last weeks. It is now textured and performs pretty well. The best part is the Airship model and the fans. Very neat and I hope this one is seen through to a launched game. It is a bit like a RTS/Strategy overhead game that would be very cool to play multiplayer with Red5 server as well (just need the TIME!).

[ try airship demo ]

The best part is you can see after a year+ of release papervision and the other 3d engines are really changing the way gaming is done online. What was once a Java or Shockwave only capability, flash now has with evolving 3d engines, and there are playable fun games to prove it that are commercial ready.

Get your game on!

13 Responses to “AS3 Creative Papervision 3D Flash Games”

  1. sdf Says:

    nothing is killable in the ship demo?

  2. drawk Says:

    not yet, but with time…

  3. escee Says:

    it’s over. gaming as we know it, that is.

  4. Flash Game Development « The Algorithmist Says:

    […] Study what is being done with relatively new developments such as Papervision 3D in games. More here. […]

  5. Vin Says:

    Here’s my decidedly low-budget survival horror game made with Papervision:

  6. Mark Says:

    And here is one I made 3D speedpool in Papervision 1.9 Phunky

  7. key ödemeleri Says:

    not yet, but with time…

  8. radyo dinle Says:

    i just wrote an article about 3d flash games on my blog

  9. denizerdogan Says:

    it’s over. gaming as we know it, that is.

  10. drawk Says:

    or it is just beginning… 🙂

  11. key ödemeleri Says:

    it’s over. gaming as we know it, that is.

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