AS3 Vector 3D Engine Five3D from Mathieu Badimon Released

Mathieu Badimon released the sweet Five3D vector 3d engine recently. Zeh noted this (and has some experiments) but this is a tracking and howto blog and I like to keep a timeline of influential releases.

You might have seen the Mathieu Badimon labs previously with the very nice scroll handle and technique and ability to rotate and translate the vector objects in 3d space. Now you too can make interfaces with the same cool library.

The one thing I like about this vector engine is well first of all it is vector and secondly it is pretty fast and not too processor intensive, but looks killer.

2 Responses to “AS3 Vector 3D Engine Five3D from Mathieu Badimon Released”

  1. felisan Says:

    yeah, it’s very nice. can’t wait for the documentation! :O)

  2. Zack Jordan Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been messing with this quite a bit- it looks very promising. Here’s a 3D text cloud I threw together:

    That’s in 2.0, but I hope to get a 2.1 example posted soon.

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