AS3, Convert Python Code to Flex AS3 with flex-pypy

I have officially been sucked into the Python vortex. I recently have really been digging IronPython, Jython and good old plain Python but have not ventured here yet. Google (They employ Guido), Microsoft (IronPython) and Sun (Jython) are all becoming infected pythonistas as well. But this is just too cool, Python to AS3 code with flex-pypy. This project is very young but could be fun, source at Google Code.

Haxe has a similar premise where it can compile to Flash6-9 versions of actionscript 2-3 which makes for a system with better reach. Python code for this is lots of fun and very flexible. Python is becoming a baseplane language and one great language for transcending platform lock-in.

Check out this snippet pulled from here (click to see sample game)

#/usr/bin/env python
This simple example has very little to do with the pygame
chimp example, except that it will act the same (more or less)
and it uses the same resources, only they got converted to
mp3s, pngs.

#Import Modules
from pypy.translator.flex.modules.flex import *

class MyRect:
def __init__(self,x,y,w,h):
self.x, self.y,self.w,self.h = x,y,w,h

SCREEN_W = 468

class Game:
def __init__(self):pass

def init(self,screen):
self.screen = screen
screen.layout = ‘absolute’
screen.setActualSize(SCREEN_W, SCREEN_H)

screen.addEventListener(‘click’,chimp_whip) = load_sprite(“py_background_png”);

self.chimp = load_sprite(“py_chimp_png”);

self.orig_y = self.chimp.y

img2 = self.fist = load_sprite(“py_fist_png”)
self.move = 1
self.spin = 0
self.hit = 0
self.hit_move = 1

self.sfx = {}
self.sfx[‘whip’] = load_sound_resource(“py_punch_mp3”)
self.sfx[‘nohit’] = load_sound_resource(“py_whiff_mp3”)

def loop(self):
img = self.chimp
if self.spin:
self.spin -= 1
img.rotation = self.spin*24
img.x += self.move * 8
if img.x > SCREEN_W-img.width:
self.move = -1
if img.x < 0: self.move = 1 if self.hit: self.hit -= 1 self.fist.y += 6 * self.hit_move if self.hit SCREEN_W - img_halfw: newx = SCREEN_W - img.width if newx img.x and e.stageX < img.x+img.width: game.sfx['whip'].play() game.spin = 20 else: game.sfx['nohit'].play() def flash_main( x=1 ): game.init(castToWindow(x))[/sourcecode]

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