haXe Video 1.0 Released

haXe, one of the coolest and most versatile languages and platforms of today just released something to add to the already amazing feature set of haXe.  Nicolas Cannasse has posted about releasing haXe Video 1.0. I have been engulfed by Red5 for a few weeks and this could not have come at a better time for fun.

haxeVideo is an opensource video streaming server entirely written in haXe.

Features of haXe Video 1.0:

  • FLV streaming using RTMP protocol
  • Webcam and Microphone recording to FLV file
  • Live streaming for web conferencing
  • light and fast scalable server
  • only 50 KB of server source code : modify whatever you need !



3 Responses to “haXe Video 1.0 Released”

  1. Steffen Says:

    Well I also stumbled upon haXe after having done the run around the bend with Red5.

    I am just starting on getting haXe set up an running.

    Do you already have it running?

    Can you say something about the performance (nummer of conections, etc.)?

  2. drawk Says:

    I haven’t stressed it much other than testing video. I had to stick with Red5 and some tests on FMS3 because I needed remote shared objects and some other server side stuff. But haXe is by far one of the most fun platforms out there. I would definitely take it for a spin. I didn’t realize its depth until I read the haXe and Neko book. I am big into Lua as well and it is kindof similar in that regard. But haXe is just so simple and can be used for much more than just flash and javascript. It is a great study in virtual machines. I believe Nicolas at haXe said that a new version of haXe is underway. haXe video has the potential to be a really light weight low bar media server. Red5 is great but Java scared some people away. FMS 3 costs $$$$$. haXe Video could be it. But right now it is still just video related not full media and state etc.

  3. drawk Says:

    This should get you started.


    I am opening a haXe Video lab under drawcode pretty soon and also under bridgeware labs.

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