Silverlight Mouse/Tablet Handwriting Recognition

Incremental Blogger has posted a very well done mouse gesture/handwriting/tablet PC silverlight demo. ByteArray has a similar script for flash with a Mouse Gesture library but this is very accurate to real handwriting.

4 Responses to “Silverlight Mouse/Tablet Handwriting Recognition”

  1. John Dowdell Says:

    When I checked that “inking” demo a week or two ago, it seemed to pass the handwriting through to a server for analysis. Didier’s work looks like it handles it all locally, within the browser plugin. Did I summarize these two approaches accurately?


  2. drawk Says:

    Hey John,

    I am sure it passes it to the server probably or it would have to be pretty massive javascript. However ByteArray’s script could in theory be converted to javascript as well. Unfortunately the source is not available to be sure.

  3. drawk Says:

    By source to be sure I meant the Tablet PC sape above. Didier is always awesome about sharing and this is one difference you will see in the Flash to Silverlight community. Flash shares more, more kits made by programmers rather than the company etc.

  4. John Dowdell Says:

    Thanks for the word. Drawing seems like a natural way to control a device. (SmartSketch (pre-Flash) did shape-correction of drawn shapes on early pen computers.) It’s good to see this area moving forward with work like this.

    tx, jd

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