AS3 APE Physics Engine Recently Updated, New License (MIT) and New Demo

APE an actionscript physics engine and it recently moved from LGPL to MIT license, updated to version .45 and added a new walker demo.  Although the Google group is available there is no RSS feed of releases for this engine so be sure to check back for new releases of APE Physics Engine for AS3 from Alec Cove.

Walk on!

6 Responses to “AS3 APE Physics Engine Recently Updated, New License (MIT) and New Demo”

  1. Brett Walker Says:

    0.45 has been out for a while, but yeah APE is really coming along nicely.

    The walker demo you mentioned is based on amazing real-life wind robots, created by artist Theo Jansen.

  2. drawk Says:

    Yeh I totally missed it they need feeds on their site. I got it from the google groups site now. Yeh Theo Jansen makes cool stuff, I think they called him the modern day DaVinci (resemblance in the drawings).

  3. Luis Says:

    Nice demo.
    Theo’s creatures are fantastic.
    These creatures reminds me how much fun I had years ago with the soda constructor 🙂

  4. Fan Di Says:


    I have started playing around and wondering if any one have encountered methods of doing inner ARC/CIRCLE collision . I am having trouble writing my own ARC particle extension to work properly.

  5. AS3 APE Line Golf - Game Kits Making Their Way Into Commercial « [ draw.logic ] Says:

    […] game based on the popular Line Rider phenomenon, only this one is Line Golf and it is using the APE AS3 2D Flash Physics Engine. I am sure game sites are just as excited as game developers like myself about the prospects of […]

  6. Johannes Says:

    Is it possible to use the Ape engine to develop a game with a bird view?

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