AS3 Mouse Gesture Recognition

Didier Brun of ByteArray just keeps throwing down.  Here is another great showcase of the power of AS3 and the tools that can be built with it, strongly based on alogorithms proven in other hardcore languages. This project is a Mouse Gesture Recognition lib for AS3 (demo)

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Mouse gesturing can be used for recognition of letters, numbers or even just programmable actions by gesture.  Imagine an application that allows you to just make a gesture (even if its not a drawing program or letter recognition) that would open when you make an open gesture, or close a file with a slash gesture. I have many uses for this planned. Very inspiring stuff.

A bit on the algorithm from Didier at ByteArray, I just don’t think it can be made any more simple:

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  1. Each letter is defined by a n ‘ 8-directions gesture sequence
  2. The mouse moves are saved with the same 8-directions sensibility
  3. A Levenshtein distance is calculated from each letter to the user moves
  4. The algorithm return the best candidate (lowest levenshtein cost)


Example for the B :

gesture=new MouseGesture(stage);

function matchHandler(e:GestureEvent):void{
trace (e.datas+” matched !”)

This project is OPEN SOURCE under RPL License.
2007-05-17 v1.0


8 Responses to “AS3 Mouse Gesture Recognition”

  1. dimitron Says:

    Gesture recognition with webcam
    This is my original work for 8 months

  2. miittooo Says:

    great job dimitron that is very cool engine for the first time webcam recognize gesture.

  3. aleksandar Says:

    nice work dimitron

  4. Silverlight Mouse/Tablet Handwriting Recognition « [ draw.logic ] Says:

    […] Blogger has posted a very well done mouse gesture/handwriting/tablet PC silverlight demo.  ByteArray has a similar script for flash with a Mouse Gesture library but this is very accurate to real handwriting. Posted in DRAWING, PIXEL, SILVERLIGHT, […]

  5. dimitron Says:

    Gesture recognition with webcam
    This is my original work for 8 months

  6. Rana Says:

    B = 260123401234….how ? please Answer me .

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