Illustrator to XAML Exporter

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHere’s a nice XAML exporter for Illustrator that is pretty clean.  Exporting from Illustrator to Flash or WPF can be tricky with the extra garbage that can be left or thrown out on export.

From the author Michael Swanson

For working with XAML files, Notepad is great; I use it almost every day. XAMLPad (from the Windows SDK) is even better. But neither of them are built for serious graphic design work. Most professional designers are very familiar with Adobe’s venerable suite of tools, and a large percentage of them use Illustrator. So, I decided to spend some time investigating what it would take to build a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that exports to XAML. Well, like a lot of software prototypes, it just kept growing. And growing. And growing. Now, after spending more than a few evenings trying to re-learn the C++ I’d forgotten some five years ago (I love C# and managed code even more now!), I’ve ended up with a very useful tool.

The tool may be a little rough around the edges. This is my first attempt at an Adobe plug-in, and although I don’t expect it to crash Illustrator, who knows what can happen? 🙂

For a quick walk-through of the plug-in, you may want to watch this 25-minute Channel 9 interview.

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